HysM?o76 - Maybe I'm Bokassà - Paraponziponzipò
genre: african-blues-psychedelia
one sided yellow 12", 6 tracks, 18 min.
mp3: listen the full album in streaming
Status: Available - 10 euros

Screaming “Paraponziponzipò”, Bokassà are back. This time they are involved in a 10 hands (plus 4 borrowed) album with “Maybe I'm”. If their first album was all about African cannibalism, this time it's all about tribal wars. The recording, in the italian Africa of Serradarce (the town where Saint Alberto Gonnella used to talk through the body of his auntie), gave rise to consequences that destroyed such a super-big-band. A lot of broken bones, ready to be nibbled, and a vinyl, yellow like a canary full of pee, that will make even the most fetish lovers of rural-blues-afro-jazz happy.  
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