HysM?112 - The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - Turning Trickster

genre: experimental / tribal
cdr,  2 tracks,  80 min. 
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This concept album is inspired by the trickster cycle of the winnebago nation. Tricksters appear in many native American mythologies, as well as native traditions in Africa, Australia, everywhere really. Tricksters are usually culture heroes - they were sent to earth by the creator to finish the creation, to establish the ways people should behave. Then, trickster forgets his mission and embarks on a career of mischief, mayhem and general naughtiness. He is a walking id, concerned with food, sex, pranks and more food. He gets into all kinds of trouble and is punished in various ways when his plans go awry. He accidentally does what he's supposed to do and in the end is usually somewhat redeemed.